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Team Lizzie Bell

You can help children whose lives are dependent on blood and marrow donations. GET INVOLVED…It’s amazing what people can do when they work together.
Blood Donation There are many children who depend on blood donations because of burns, injuries, surgeries and more. Just one pint of blood donated from an adult will save up to three lives.  You can help by donating blood at your local blood donation center. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood or blood products.  
Take a pinch for a kid. To schedule an appointment 1-800-RED-CROSS or your nearest blood donation center. 
Lizzie’s Loot™ is a program of Team Lizzie Bell that preserves the comfort of medically fragile kids with pediatric medical equipment, toys, and gift cards. To a child coping with a chronic, life threatening medical condition the hospital becomes a second home with frequent visits required for treatment. Through Lizzie’s Loot,children who must regularly cope with uncomfortable procedures have something to look forward to.  
Start a Lizzie’s Loot toy drive today! Email to get started!

Lizzie Bell Endowment/UA Foundation 

Lizzie has 'lived' at University of Arizona, Diamond Children's for almost 20 years! As she approaches her 20th birthday she issues this challenge: "When I arrived at the hospital, a very sick 7 week baby, I was given the best care possible because the people before me contributed; I want to make sure any child arriving in a delicate condition will have MORE of the best ~ this is important ~ we must have the best 'upon diagnosis' ~ immediately.... or the consequences are high.  Join me, I want to save lives, together we can make a difference ~ upon diagnosis. 
Marrow Registry 
Every year, more than 10,000 people are diagnosed with life-threatening blood conditions and their best hope of a cure is a marrow transplant. When they dont' have a match in their family, they turn to  find someone who can give them a second chance at life. You can help.  Did you know that 75% of the time a marrow donation is taken through a simple blood draw and that joining the registry is as easy as filling out a form followed by a cheek swab?
Join the registry. Be the ONE who saved a life.
Contact Us:  Let us know how you want to help!