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Lizzie’s Loot preserves the comfort of medically fragile kids at Diamond Children's, University of Arizona Medical Center with Pediatric Medical Equipment, Toys, and Gift Cards. To a child coping with a chronic, life threatening medical condition, the hospital becomes a second home with frequent visits required for treatment. Through Lizzie’s Loot children who must regularly cope with uncomfortable procedures have something to look forward to.

Lizzie's Loot has a toy bank within the UAMC Specialty Clinic area.  The partnership with the Toy Store provides continuous items for all the children served throughout this hospital setting. 

Proceeds from the sale of Lizzie Loot cookies ensure the kids get toys! 

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Local businesses, schools, churches, youth groups, scout troops, organizations and individuals can do their part by collecting and donating new toys for Lizzie’s Loot.  We are looking for 20 NEW businesses to partner with us! 
CONTACT US:  Start a Lizzie’s Loot drive today! LIZZIE LOOT chairperson, Jacob Barber will assist you.  
We must have NEW toys and gift cards valued $5.00 to $20.00. To donate gift cards or gift certificates to Lizzie's Loot, please email to arrange for a pick up date. Thank you for your continued help and support of the Lizzie's Loot campaign!
History of the Toy Box:
When Jimmy Busey was one year old, his dad David Busey made him a toy box. For years, it was just a plain, unfinished box that was never painted. After Jimmy died at age six (nearly seven), Kathy and David Droege, also bereaved parents, had the idea to use a toy box in the 3rd floor clinic at University Medical Center, Tucson. Jimmy's toy box was placed in the clinic in late 1993. David Busey painted it bright yellow, Jimmy's favorite color. Then it was taken to a monthly Candlelighters' meeting for all the children to put their handprints on it. An engraved plaque was added later.
“Last time I was at a hospital there were no toys at all. There was a little boy that got a BIG NEEDLE and was promised a toy. So after he got poked he goes to the Toy Box and starts crying, NO TOYS. I did not know what to do. The look on his face is still in my head. So please if you can, donate a toy or two - TODAY. Thank you.” - Lizzie Bell, 8 years old
Lizzie Bell of the John P. Bell Family Foundation created the “Lizzie's Loot" toy box campaign and is dedicated to keeping the toy box full.

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To make a donation, please email Jacob Barber at 
Thank you!